Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos From The Glass Fusing Workshop!

Here are some photos from our first glass fusing workshop at Daft Crafts! To see all the photos from this workshop, check out the album, here! Cindy Gillespie was the instructor at this workshop. We had a great turn out! I can't wait to see everyone's finished pieces(they were taken home with Cynthia to be fired in her large kiln). I will post photos as soon as they arrive back at the shop for pick up!

Hi, class!

Apt Pupils!


Flak, to use as filler

Finished pendants as examples

Ready, set, create!

Glue to hold the dichroic glass and flak down

Kiln at 1500 degrees!

Glass just beginning to melt at 1500 degrees

1900 degrees!

After cooling briefly, but still way to hot to touch for 24 hours.
Thanks for looking! Like I said, to see the entire album with all the pictures from the event, click here. We have another glass fusing workshop May 9th at 6pm - 3 magnets for $20!

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